Researchers are invited to submit papers and reports on subjects relating to the history of Huntingdon County and the surrounding region. The submissions should be previously unpublished or published in a source that is not readily accessible to interested readers and researchers. Examples might be an article published in an academic journal not accessible to the general reader, an article published in a newspaper, or a presentation given as a program for an organization.

Begin the submission process by sending an e-mail describing the subject of your project, its length, and whether illustrative material such as photographs, maps, or drawings will accompany the submission. Include information on whether the work is in a computer file or in hard copy, and whether illustrations are prints, slides, or jpegs.

If your proposed submission is a transcription of letters, journals, or historical documents, describe the source of the material, its historical interest, its length, and whether and from whom you have obtained permission to use it. Also mention photographs, maps, or other available illustrations and what format they are in.

Wait for a response to your e-mail and further instructions on how to submit the material.

Because many other sites are specifically designated as genealogical sites,