Revolutionary War Soldiers Gravestones

Bob Cree pointing out Revolutionary and Civil War graves to Roy Stevens at the McAlevy Cemetery in Jackson Township.

Master researcher, Robert H. Cree, set out to find and photograph all the marked graves of Revolutionary War soldiers in Huntingdon County. He contributed this gallery of photographs, for which we give our sincere thanks.

According to written sources, other Revolutionary soldiers lie in unmarked graves, like John Bratton, who is buried in Diamond Valley. In 1895, this letter appeared in a Huntingdon newspaper:
“Editor: Sometime this fall I saw in the paper that some persons wanted to know where the solders of the Revolution were buried in Huntingdon County. John Bratton was buried in Diamond Valley, about 25 yards from John Snider’s house. I was at the grave on Dec. 12 while I was hunting, and all that marks the grave is a very nice little sassafras tree about 7 feet high. Joseph R. Carmon and I some years back stayed in a cabin that was about 2 or 3 rods from the grave. Any person who wants to visit the grave can drive to it.
Signed, John Eberle, Cottage.”

For further information on the cemetery locations, go to and search for the cemetery name in the alphabetical list of Huntingdon County cemeteries.

Some of the older gravestones in this gallery — James Armitage’s, for example — are rather crudely made or lettered and very interesting to study. Clicking twice on the image will enlarge it. To return to the gallery, click on the title with the left arrow at the top of the page or choose Revolutionary War Soldiers Gravestones again from the drop-down menu.