West Township School Attendance Records

The attendance record books on which this list of students is based cover single years at a particular school, taught by an individual teacher. Students’ birth dates and parent or guardian’s names are listed in the back of the book. Students who joined classes some time after the beginning of the school year were not always added to these lists so that their birthdates and parent’s names were unrecorded. As with the other list of students, names that appear more than once indicate attendance at a different school.

Abbreviations for schools: Mo Mooresville, F Fairfield, GR Globe Run, B Bridge, My Myton

NameSchool /Yr.Date of BirthParent/Guardian
Arnold, HarryMo 25age 15
Ayers, EarlMo 2512/24/13Harry Ayers
Ayers, HarryMo 258/3/17Harry Ayers
Ayers, KennethMo 251/9/12Harry Ayers
Ayers, PaulMo 254/25/10Harry Ayers
Ayers, RaymondMo 258/30/16Harry Ayers
Ayers, WilliamMo 256/21/19Harry Ayers
Baird, FrancesGR 228/10/14Plummer Baird
Baird, FrancesGR 259/10/14Plummer Baird
Baird, JohnGR 253/1/18Plummer Baird
Bathurst, MelvinF 275/12/13
Bathurst, MelvinMy 255/12/13William Myton
Bilger, EllaMo 26
Bilger, ErnestMo 26
Bilger, JamesMo 26
Bilger, MargaretMo 26
Blair, PaulMo 258/22/10Mrs. Effie J. Blair
Blowers, CatherineMo 255/23/13Grant Blowers
Blowers, DorothyMo 258/27/17Grant Blowers
Blowers, GranvilleMo 256/16/15Grant Blowers
Bousum, EarlB 26J.C. Bousum
Bousum, FredB 258/5/12James Bousum
Bowen, SusieB 21E.M. Davis
Brant, ChristinaB 217/13/12Charles Brant
Brant, ElizabethB 218/27/15Charles Brant
Brickley, JohnMy 231/31/16J.C. Kyle
Chesney, JohnMo 252/23/10John Chesney
Christy, ArchieB 24
Collins, Anna BelleF 272/5/14
Collins, Anna BelleMy 258/18/15Edward Price
Collins, RobertB 21
Couch, Edna MaeMy 253/22/18Earl Couch
Couch, WilliamMy 254/30/15Earl Couch
Davis, EstherB 254/30/11Harry Davis
Dittsworth, DeanMo 266/7/20R.A. Dittsworth
Ewing, GeorgeMo 258/5/11O.L. Ewing
Fleming, HaroldB 262/9/14
Foster, JohnF 278/30/21
Foster, LillianB 21W.H. Foster
Foster, MarionB 258/8/19Wilbur Foster
Foster, MildredB 2511/17/10Wilbur Foster
Foster, PalmerB 255/15/12Wilbur Foster
Foster, ViolaF 277/29/19
Foster, ViolaGR 257/29/19Guy Foster
Friday, MarieB 21Jerry Friday
Friday, MaryB 259/26/11Jeremiah Friday
Friday, MildredB 259/26/11Jeremiah Friday
Friday, OliveB 21Jerry Friday
Gilliland, ErnestMy 219/20/11J.H. Gilliland
Greenawalt, GraffiusB 211/20/06J.P. Greenawalt
Greenawalt, HazelB 2510/31/12Bryson Greenawalt
Greenawalt, ThelmaB 21B.E. Greenawalt
Grossman, FlorineMo 264/13/22Grant Blowers
Grossman, Jim EdMo 2510/1/14R.L. Grossman
Hagans, CharlesMo 255/20/14John Hagans
Hagans, JohnMo 259/21/13John Hagans
Hagans, WilliamMo 2510/26/10John Hagans
Hamer, MildredB 21E. Shingler
Harman, MabelMy 216/2/14O.J. Harman
Harman, RobertMy 216/14/07O.J. Harman
Harman, WinifredMy 2110/6/09O.J. Harman
Harpster, MelvinMy 256/7/15Guy Harpster
Hawn, CharlesMy 231/23/09Oscar Hawn
Hawn, DonaldMy 256/14/14Oscar Hawn
Hawn, EldonMy 259/4/19Oscar Hawn
Hoffer, BerthaF 27age 16
Hoffer, BerthaGR 225/11/11Harry Hoffer
Hoffer, BerthaMo 265/11/11Harry Hoffer
Hoffer, ElizabethF 273/25/13
Hoffer, ElizabethGR 223/25/13Harry Hoffer
Hoffer, ElizabethMo 263/25/13Harry Hoffer
Hoffer, EllaF 278/20/18
Hoffer, HarryGR 225/21/08Berry Hoffer
Hoffer, HazelGR 2212/1/06Berry Hoffer
Hoffer, RoyF 278/20/18
Hoffer, RoyGR 228/10/15Harry Hoffer
Hoffer, RuthF 275/21/16
Hoffer, RuthGR 255/21/16Asbury Hoffer
Hoover, CliffordF 2710/22/16
Hoover, CliffordMy 2510/22/16Alvin Hoover
Hoover, LesterF 276/9/14
Hoover, LesterMy 256/9/14Alvin Hoover
Hummel, ClaraMo 25age 13
Hummel, RuthF 275/17/20
Hummel, RuthGR 265/17/20Carl Lightner
Hummel, WinifredB 256/30/13John Greenawalt
Hundsrucker FrancesB 254/13/12John Hundsrucker
Hundsrucker, EstherB 263/10/20John Hundsrucker
Hundsrucker, GraceB 259/29/10John Hundsrucker
Hundsrucker, MarthaB 2510/13/17John Hundsrucker
Hutchison, HowardB 267/11/20Chas. G. Hutchison
Isenberg, GraceMo 2510/10/18J.B. Isenberg
Isenberg, MargaretMo 268/8/21J.B. Isenberg
Johnston, HaroldB 257/8/17Robert Johnston
Johnston, HaroldF 277/8/17
Johnston, MargaretB 254/24/12Robert Johnston
Johnston, MargaretF 274/24/12
Kurtz, CharlesF 274/12/16
Kurtz, CharlesGR 264/12/16George Smith
Kyle, ThomasMy 231/12/11J.C. Kyle
Kyle. ThomasMy 2110/19/08Frank Scott
Lightner, RobertMo 253/5/11S.H. Lightner
Lowe, WillisMy 212/12/11Chas. Schilling
Maslo, ErnestGR 222/9/12Carl Maslo
Maslo, KathrynGR 222/12/09Carl Maslo
Maslo, MaryGR 2210/3/14Carl Maslo
McClain, VeldaMy 2512/9/16Edward McClain
McCracken, RichardB 266/10/18Harry McCracken
McCrum, EstherB 256/23/09Harry McCrum
McCrum, EstherGR 226/23/09Harry McCrum
McMahon, ClarenceB 2510/27/16Benj. McMahon
McMahon, GlennF 272/11/18
McMahon, GlennMy 252/11/18James McMahon
McMahon, JohnB 258/27/15Benj. McMahon
McMahon, JohnB 268/27/14Ben McMahon
McMahon, MargaretB 267/23/20Ben McMahon
McMahon, MelvinF 27
McMahon, RichardB 252/14/19Benj. McMahon
McMahon, RobertB 253/1/18Benj. McMahon
McMahon, WoodrowF 2712/17/20
Miller, CarlB 265/18/20Ray Miller
Miller, EstherB 21Jacob Miller
Miller, FurmanB 259/17/16Ray Miller
Miller, GrettaB 21Jacob Miller
Miller, IvanB 21Jacob Miller
Miller, KennethB 2512/14/13Ray Miller
Miller, LexB 253/24/18Ray Miller
Miller, PhyllisB 254/4/12Ray Miller
Moore, BruceB 2612/16/18
Moore, BruceMo 2612/16/18
Moore, ClementB 261/8/16
Moore, ClementMo 261/8/16
Myton, KathrynF 276/24/21
Neissner, AdolphB 21R. Neissner
Neuhart, HelenB 21Ray Neuhart
Neuhart, KennethB 21R. Neuhart
Neuhart, RobertB 21R. Neuhart
Parsons, FrankMo 257/6/15G.W. Parsons
Peters, FlorenceB 258/28/11Mrs. M. Dennis
Peters, LaurenceB 258/28/11Mrs. N.E. Dennis
Port, Mae ElizabethMy 25Plummer Port
Porter, CharlesMo 256/15/17V.L. Porter
Porter, RobertMy 234/6/09Harry Stewart
Porter, WesleyMo 2511/26/14V.L. Porter
Pourman, JamesMy 239/29/15R.P. Lohr
Pressler, RaymondGR 255/ /10Elmer Pressler
Price, AnnaB 21Benj. Price
Price, AnnieMy 251/20/12Benj. Price
Price, BlancheB 21Benj. Price
Price, BlancheMy 255/10/14Benj. Price
Price, HarryMy 2511/15/18Benj. Price
Price, WilliamMy 252/9/16Benj. Price
Quinn, EstherMo 253/7/12Seymour Quinn
Quinn, John Mo 268/29/20Seymour Quinn
Quinn, MargaretMo 259/8/16Seymour Quinn
Rager, RosieB 21William Rager
Rager, WilliamB 21William Rager
Reed, EstherMo 253/24/09S.H. Reed
Reed, EthelMo 2510/26/12S.H. Reed
Ross, EmmaB 21J. Ross
Rupe, ElsieB 253/8/09Wilbur Rupe
Russler, John B 255/9/12Christopher Russler
Schilling, RaymondMy 219/5/06Chas. Schilling
Shope, AlbertMy 215/6/10Francis Shope
Shope, ClaraMy 217/17/06Francis Shope
Shope, EdithMy 217/10/08Francis Shope
Shope, EllsworthMy 216/6/15Francis Shope
Shope, NathanielMy 218/31/12Francis Shope
Shope, SamuelMy 212/25/14Francis Shope
Spaide, BerthaMy 258/5/16Charles Schilling
Spaide, RobertMy 257/5/13Charles Schilling
Sparr, ViolaMy 254/30/11William Myton
Stahley, HazelB 21E. Stahley
Stahley, PaulB 21E. Stahley
Steele, EnidMy 254/21/14Boyd Steele
Steele, EthelMy 2512/27/15Boyd Steele
Steele, JoelMy 256/13/13Boyd Steele
Stewart, ElizabethMy 216/13/15J. Harry Stewart
Stewart, MargaretMy 256/11/18Harry Stewart
Stoner, DorothyMo 257/27/17Lightner
Thompson, CloydMy 254/7/18Charles Thompson
Thompson, DorothyMy 258/7/14Charles Thompson
Thompson, EdithMy 214/15/10Chas. Thompson
Thompson, EstherMy 216/4/15Chas. Thompson
Thompson, MargaretMy 214/17/13Chas. Thompson
Thompson, PaulMy 2110/31/05Chas. Thompson
Thompson, RichardMy 214/13/08Chas. Thompson
Wilson, MaeB 21Mrs. R. C. Gregory
Wilson, SusieMo 255/7/20Mrs. John Hagans
Wilson, WinifredMo 265/7/20John Hagans