Petitions Against Huntingdon County


The Petition of a number of the Inhabitants of the County of Bedford Humbly Sheweth that your petitioners have observed a Bill has been published by your Honourable House for public consideration for erecting a part of the County of Bedford into a separate County — your petitioners are led, from a sense of the injury which will arise from such a measure, to suggest to the Honourable House some of the reasons which have determined them against it. The County in General is much broken with Hills, and even a great part of such Land as may be cultivated, is uninhabited with regard to the proposed County, the chief of the Inhabitants within its bounds, are more convenient to the seat of Justice than a much greater number on the west side of the County — but in both these parts, the people are too few in number to support the expence of a County. And altho’ they are subject to some inconvenience, yet it is such as ought to be submitted to until the Country becomes settled — when perhaps a Division will be both proper and necessary. The public buildings of the County are yet far from being finished, and in its present State, the people are but ill able to discharge their proportion of the County Taxes and a considerable part of the same is yet unpaid. By a Division this burden must necessarily be increased. However proper a Division may be at some future period, your Petitioners are fully convinced that were it to take place now, it would be oppressive to the peoples of the County in General, and therefore hope your Honourable House will not pass into a Law the said Bill for dividing the County, and they as in duty bound will pray —

[Numbers added by transcriber.]

  1. Alexd. McConnell
  2. Benjamin Stephens
  3. Abednego Stephens
  4. Owen Owen
  5. William Patterson
  6. Robert Hamill
  7. John Darby
  8. John Grey
  9. Thomas McFarland
  10. Thos. Paxton
  11. George Ogle
  12. Daniel McConnell
  13. James Smith
  14. Robert Paxton
  15. William Gaff
  16. James Gibson
  17. John Buckley
  18. William Sloan
  19. William Hunter
  20. John Galway
  21. David Thositer
  22. George Galaway
  23. 23. German
  24. 24. German
  25. Euan Jenkens
  26. George Insloe
  27. Cristopher Insloe
  28. John Tate
  29. Nathaniel Hamell
  30. Joseph McGinley
  31. 31. German
  32. Philip Truax
  33. Joseph Warford Jun.
  34. Jesse Morgan
  35. John Mugg
  36. Isaac Cowl
  37. Elias Stillwell
  38. Benjaman Truax
  39. Abner Roberts
  40. William Truex
  41. Samuel Graves
  42. Ralph Hunt
  43. John Mowney
  44. Abner Hunt
  45. Israel Hunt
  46. Christian Taxel
  47. Timothy Fidler
  48. John Fidler
  49. Joakim laman
  50. Thomas William
  51. Benjamin Abbott
  52. John Milluoun
  53. Henry Lavering
  54. William Hunt
  55. Henry Rush Sen.
  56. Adis Linn
  57. Moses Grahm
  58. Joseph Graves
  59. James Warford
  60. W. Jacques
  61. Joseph Warford
  62. Joseph Hunt
  63. Henry Rush Jun.
  64. Christian Coyl
  65. Peter Rush
  66. Michal Tonolly
  67. John Rush