County Petitions from Shirley Township


The Petition of a number of the Inhabitants of Shirley Township Humbly Showeth,

That your Petitioners not having an opportunity to Sign any former Petitions for the Division of Bedford County and finding a Bill Published for that Purpose and Conceiving the Division of said County to have a tendency to Promote the Ease the Interest and Conveniency of Sundry Large Settlements on the Northeasterly end of Bedford County, now Already Settled and Still daily encreasing, a great number of the inhabitants having to Travel from fifty to eighty Miles to Bedford the Present Seat of Justice and that to a Place where They have no Prospect of a Trade or Market under these Considerations, Your Petitioners humbly Pray that the Bill now Published for the division of Bedford County may be enacted into a Law with such Amendments and Alterations on the Proposed Lines as Your Honorable House would think fit & that the Town of Huntingdon, from its Convenient Situation on the River Juniatta may be appointed for the Seat of Justice, and your Petitioners as in duty bound will ever pray.

[The numbers before the names are included in the document; they appear to have been added by the same hand throughout, probably someone counting the number of petitioners.]


  1. John X[his mark] Foley
  2. James Galbraith
  3. William Logan
  4. Andrew Dodds
  5. Patrick Galbraith
  6. German
  7. Henry Fitzsimon
  8. Peter X[his mark] Pollinger
  9. Joseph Griffith
  10. Thomas Clug___
  11. Samuel Ireland
  12. Wm. Ireland
  13. Robert Gardner
  14. Samuel McMain
  15. Jesse Jeffers
  16. John Talkkenton
  17. George Armstrong
  18. Jakson Armstrong
  19. Samuel Taylor
  20. Ephaim Erwin
  21. James Nesbitt
  22. Thos. Morrow
  23. James Davis
  24. Andrew Campbell
  25. James Wachole
  26. Isaiah Davis
  27. Joshua Cornelies
  28. Samuel Persons
  29. John Persons
  30. Thomas Kinney
  31. Israel Brown
  32. __se Talkington
  33. ___herd Jeffersness
  34. John Spade
  35. James Daves
  36. Thos. Wachop
  37. Thomas Muerfey
  38. Robert Morrow
  39. (no entry)
  40. William Morrow
  41. William Swan
  42. Giles Stever
  43. Hugh Glen
  44. William Wesley
  45. Jacob Croo
  46. Sebold Stung
  47. Mickel Pollinger
  48. Simon Pollinger
  49. Henry Pollinger
  50. Addon Pollinger
  51. Zeconias Ross
  52. William Watters
  53. Jacob Gansshorn
  54. Jacob Grim
  55. (no entry)
  56. Gooshorn George
  57. James McFeatteres
  58. Isaac Gifford
  59. William Gifford
  60. Joseph Gifford
  61. Robart Mitchel
  62. Joseph Potter
  63. John Coller
  64. William Brown
  65. John X his mark Montgomery
  66. Martin Itnire
  67. Richd. Ramsay
  68. Thos. Cromwell
  69. James Meglauglin
  70. Peter Van __?__
  71. John Downing
  72. John Downing
  73. Addon Stoung
  74. Wm. Huston
  75. Benjamin Briggs
  76. Benjamin Briggs
  77. Samuel Briggs
  78. John Apelby
  79. Robart Lather
  80. John Moore
  81. John Polland