County Petitions from Huntingdon, Barree, Hopewell, Dublin & Shirley Townships


The Petition of a number of the Inhabitants in Huntingdon, Barree, Hopewell, Dublin & Shirley Townships in the County of Bedford Humbly Showeth,

That your Petitioners not having an opportunity to Sign any former Petitions for the Division of Bedford County and finding a Bill is Published for that Purpose and Conceiving the Division of said County to have a tendency to Promote the Ease the Interest and Conveniency of Sundrie Large Settlements on the North Easterly end of Bedford County, now Alreadie Settled and Still Daily Encreasing, a great number of the inhabitants having at this time to Travel from Fifty to 80 Miles to Bedford the Present Seat of Justice and that to a Place where They have no Prospect of a Trade or Market under these Considerations, Your Petitioners humbly Pray that the Bill now Published for the division of the said County of Bedford may be Enacted into a Law with such Amendments and Alterations on the Proposed Lines as Your Honorable House may think fit, And that the Town of Huntingdon, from its Convenient central Situation on the River Juniata may be appointed for the Seat of Justice, and your Petitioners as in duty bound will ever pray &c.

[The numbers before the names are included in the document; they appear to have been added by the same hand throughout, probably someone counting the number of petitioners.]


  1. George Ormsby
  2. John Hamilton
  3. John Hamilton
  4. __?__ Ingersolf
  5. Jno. Robinson
  6. Thos. Armstrong
  7. William Within
  8. Robert Stewart
  9. __?__ Martin
  10. James Fletcher
  11. __?__ Grifith
  12. __?__ Tailor
  13. Thomas Covenhovan
  14. John Merrifield
  15. Henry McCarthy
  16. Samuel Bett
  17. Thomas Laughlin
  18. John Lloyd
  19. George White
  20. Peter Jack__
  21. George Marbough
  22. C___ Upewords
  23. Edward Wilkin
  24. William Fannod
  25. Peter Hoffman
  26. William Holabaugh
  27. James Parks
  28. George Bohonan
  29. James Knight
  30. Isaac Armitage
  31. Jacob Armitage
  32. Andrew Anderson
  33. John Marthoke
  34. Abreham Wheley
  35. Willm. Ray
  36. Joseph Kenkaid
  37. Abslom Chisholm
  38. Ferinad Liest
  39. __?__ Matl__
  40. Jacob __?__
  41. __?__ __?__
  42. Thomas Rickets
  43. Abrham Doruch
  44. Andrew Bell
  45. Thos. Brackenridge
  46. Abraham Dero__?__
  47. __?__ __?__
  48. Rolert Goffough
  49. Michel __?__
  50. B___ Fallow
  51. James Rickets
  52. Isaac Rickets
  53. Joseph George
  54. William Dean Sr.
  55. Willm. Skinner
  56. John Fee
  57. Archibel Orowen
  58. Adam Kech
  59. John Parker
  60. Epheram Brown
  61. James McMurtrie
  62. Matthew Wilson
  63. Israel Craffues
  64. Jacob Hains
  65. Samson Bulman
  66. George __?__
  67. George Ebey
  68. Richerd Brown
  69. William Dean Jun.
  70. William Thomas
  71. John Sharor
  72. J.D. Smith