Letter by John Cadwallader

Letter in the Juniata College Treasure Room

John Cadwallader to his wife, Catharine

Lancaster 25th Feb. 1804

My Dr. Catharine

I have been in Philada. and got my business with the Comr. of Bankruptcy in case of G.H. Wells so far completed as to have my claim established to $920. which they will pay me as soon as they can sell his estate. On Monday next I shall leave this place for Washington by stage to make final settlement with P.M. General. I shall pass thro’ Baltimore, but Robert should by this time be near home. I have sent some opium and pepper mint. I did not go out to purchase your articles until the last evening in the City and Mrs. Mabene guided me. I got the Voil, but not the Cambrick. I must go to the City again as soon as the Boats go — perhaps that will be time enough. When Robert reaches home he must get a great quantity of Wood, as I have engaged to send the Team to Pittsburg. I have secured a good quantity of Rags along the River, which are to go by the first Boats. I saw Mr. Nelson as I came down. He says No. 3 will suit him.

When I left Philada. the road from thence to Baltimore was so deep and hazardous that I took advice to some this route, especially as I have done some important business in the Land Office.

It will take 3 days to put me down in Washington — in 2 days I can finish my business there — one day to Baltimore and one day for business and 3 days to this place provided no interruption — and 4 days to go home. should bad weather happen I shall be delayed 2 or 3 days more. Therefore my Dr. Girl, you cannot look for me before 10th or 12th March.

In the meantime do take care of your health, and try to weather this stormy season. I shall take with me something for our little Boys. I found your father in better health than he has enjoyed for 2 yrs. past. It is expected that Genl. Muhlenberg can provide some employment for him. He has the promise to amount of near $700. p ann. which in addition to the magazine will afford him a living. His wife is at the point of Death. She appears most miserable — her face and arm are so swelled that her skin appears ready to burst — and yellow as Saffron.

Time would not let me visit Mrs. Muhlenberg. Mrs. Mabene has sent by me her —— to Col. Wintson, who she expects is to pay her a visit when Congress adjourns.

Mr Henderson is getting better as to appearances but still doubtful.

God bless you my Dr. Catharine
I am yrs. as usual etc.

J. Cadwallader