Barree Township, Bedford County, Tax Assessments, 1774

When created as a division of Cumberland County in 1767, Barree Township included all of present Huntingdon County, west of Jack’s Mountain and Sideling Hill, and the greater part of what is now Blair County. The name honors Col. Isaac Barre, who addressed the British Parliament in 1765 in defense of the colonists’ opposition to the Stamp Act. With the formation of Bedford County in 1771, Barree Township became part of the new county.

Alphabetized List
Four separate lists appear below: resident property owners; renters; owners of uncultivated lands, and single freemen.
Duplicates indicate name appears more than once.
Names in brackets are suggested corrections to the spelling of the surname.

?ites, John
Anderson, Danel
Anderson, Daniel
Anderson, Samuel
Anderson, Samuel
Bareck, William [Barrick]
Beach, Waldren
Beatty, Edward
Beaty, Edward
Bebout, Jacob
Beebout, Jacob
Beech, Waldren
Bower, John
Bowers, John
Burg, Robert
Burge, John
Burge, Robert
Caar, James
Caldwel, Robert
Caldwell, Charls
Callwel, Robert
Calwell, Charles
Carpenter, Wm.
Carpentor, Jacob
Carpentor, Jacob
Caumb, John
Chene, Gilbert [Cheney]
Colman, Mical
Corneales, Cross [Cornelius]
Crafers, Niclos [Graffius]
Craphes, Petter [Graffius]
Crawphes, Nicholess [Graffius]
Crider, Michal
Cross, Cornelius [reversal of name above]
Crum, John
Cursweell, James
Dean, James
Deer, James
Dewit, Barnet (crossed out)
Dewit, Petter
Dewite, Barney
Dibens, Hendrey
Donalson, Moses
Eatonton, Fillop [Eaton]
Ewens, Thomas [Ewing]
Ewings, Thomas
Freeman, John
Garves, Hendrey
Gofine, Benjamin
Goslen, Charls
Gray, Absolom
Gray, Absolom
Gullver, John
Harres, James [Harris]
Hellerson & Wilson
Hemorton, Isral [Pemberton?]
Hene, James [Hennen]
Herrey, Samuel
Herrison, James [Harrison]
Hicks, Levey
Hiks, Leavey [Hicks]
Hollock, James
Houstarph, John
Hutson, Matthew [Hudson]
Hutson, Matthew
Igo, Petter
Ishbough, John [Ashbaugh]
Ishbugh, Fredrick
Isop, Samuel
Jervies, Henrey
Johnson, Thomas (crossed out)
Jonston, Thomas
Kenedey, David [Kennedy]
Kennaday, David
Lewes, Danel [Lewis]
Lewes, David
Lewes, David
Lewes, Hoseph
Lewes, Joserday
Little, James [Lytle?]
Little, James
Long, William
Lowen, Charles
Lowery, David
Lowrey, Daved
Loyd, Henrey Esq. [Lloyd]
Mabley, Ezekel
McAleavey, William [McAlevy]
McAleck, Dondll
McAlees, Daniel
McAleve, William (crossed out)
McCormace, Allexander [McCormick]
Mccormick, Allexander
McGow, Daved Esq.
McGuire, Bertholemy
McGuire, John
McMoothery, David [McMurtrie]
Means, Heugh
Meginnes, James
Meguier, Bartly [McGuire]
Millar, Joseph
Miller, Joseph
Minor, Jacob 1 grist mill
Miphleyn, Samuel [Mifflin]
Mitchel, John
Moble, Ezekel
Molholland, John
Molsbock, Petter
Molspeth, Petter
Mongomery, William [Montgomery
Morehead, Thomas
Morey, Richard
Morres, William [Morris]
Mountgumry, William [Montgomery]
Neelson, William [Nelson]
Overholt, Abraham
Overholte, Abraham
Phillips, William
Porter, Thomas
Porter, William
Potmesser, Adam
Reed, John
Reynolds, George
Rickets, Chene [Ricketts, Cheney]
Rickets, Edward
Rieckets, Chane
Rieckets, Edwards
Robe, James
Roberts, Joseph
Roberts, Joseph
Rolph, David
Ronalds, George
Scote, William [Scott]
Sells, Abraham
Sells, John
Shipey, Joseph [Shipley]
Sills, Abraham
Sills, John
Sills, Lowdewick
Smith, Doctor
Smith, Robert
Spencer, James
Spensor, James
Sturt, William [Stewart]
Thompson, James
Thornton, John
Tipton, Edward
Tipton, Eward
Tornton, John [Thornton]
Traves, William [Travis]
Travesh, William
U?gahen, Thomas
Vahan, Thomas (crossed out) [Vaughn]
Van, Thomas [Vaughn]
Walles, Samul [Wallace]
Ward, Edward
Weston, Georg
Weston, John
Weston, John
Whit, Anthony
Willreck, Hans
Willson, James
Willson, James
Wood, John

Mical Grader
Lowdeywick Sill
Jacob Hall
Fredrek Ishbough [Ashbaugh]
John Ishbough
George Reecker
Anthoney Sills
Adam Beardmeser
Thos. Looder
James Shirley

Uncultivated Lands
Agnew, John
Agnew, John
Allison, Doctor
Armstrong, John
Armstrong, John
Armstrong, Thomas
Armstrong, Thomas
Armstrong, William
Armstrong, William
Baynton & Wharto
Benton & Warton [Baynton & Wharton]
Blayth, Benjbn [Blythe]
Blysh, Benjamin [Blythe]
Boggs, Andrew
Bogs, Andrew
Cannodey, David [Kennedy]
Carswell, Robert
Curswell, Robert
Dickey, James
Dickey, James
Ewins, George [Ewing]
Giles & Dickey
Gills & Dickey
Gilpen & Fisher
Hains, Reubin
Helloms, Abraham [Holmes]
Holmes, Abraham
Hutcheson, George
Hutchinson, George
Irewen, George {Irwin]
Johnston, Samuel Esq.
Jonsten Atorney [Johnston]
Jonsten, William [Johnston]
Kenndy, David
Lukens, John
Magaw Estate, David
Means, Hugh
Mifflin, Samuel
Morris, William
Nilson, William [Nelson]
Patterson & Wilson
Patterson, William Esq.
Perry, Samuel
Pimberton, Isrel [Pemberton]
Pl?sants, Samual
Pollock, James
Robb, James
Rowan, Charles
Shippen, Edw. & Joseph
Shippy, Joseph
Smith, Doctor
Stuart, Alexander
Wallas, Samuel [Wallace]
Ward, Edward
Williams, Johnathon
Wood, John

Single Freemen
Beebout, Mathew
Caldwell, James
Crafes, Petter [Graffius]
Easoney, John
Goslen, Mordica
Gullevor, Wm. [Gulliver]
Holles, John
K?elvert, Jeraneey
Kenedy, Frances
Miner, Jacob
Neel, Mathew
Night, James
Norman, James
Reynolds, George (crossed out)
Sheaver, John [Shaver]
Steward, James
Sullevan, John
Templeton, Wm.
Tites, Danel [Titus]