Researchers are well aware of how useful the Internet can be in pursuing their history projects. And they often ask themselves, “Who makes all this information available?” The goal of the Huntingdon County Research Network is to become an agent of the information sharing that the web makes possible.

No longer does the valuable work that researchers have done over the years need to lie forgotten in a desk or file drawer. Instead, contributions to the Huntingdon County Research Network are invited in order that these research projects can be shared with the public. The site’s editorial board will review them for suitability and historical merit, and they will be added to the site, and credited to the individual researcher, if found to be a valuable addition to the Network. (See Submissions for additional information on submitting your work.)

The website is envisioned as a place where a growing collection of research papers, historic documents, and exceptional documentary photographs focuses on varied aspects of the history of Huntingdon County and the region surrounding it.

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